Consoles Have Batman Fever:- He’s breaking out everywhere

A quick look at the 3 iterations of the Caped Crusader set to hit consoles

By GrathiusXR

©2008 Arthur Kotsopoulos

With The Dark Knight gliding past the $400+ million mark breaking nearly every single record in cinema history, it seems that there is a lot more Batman for fans to come in the near future, with up to 3 Batman games set to hit console in the next few months leading up to next year.

LEGO: Batman the first of the 3, is the next game in the ever growing LEGO games developed by Traveler Studios and sees our caped crusader with his trusty sidekick Robin fighting Gothams most terrifying villains. The Joker, Penguin, The Riddler and many more who have escaped Arkham Asylum.

LEGO: Batman will include Danny Elfman’s 1989 Batman musical score along with it’s sequel Batman Returns, along with playable villains and levels that are all in the Batman Universe such as Wayne Manor, the Batcave and Arkham Ayslum, and its core gameplay will play similar to LEGO: Star Wars II, and give you access to various Batman vehicles such as the Batmobile, Batwing and Batboat.

Of course LEGO: Batman is aimed for a more family friendly audience it will still be a good game for those fans of the Dark Knight to be able to play him in his Lego form. LEGO: Batman is aimed for release September 23rd 2008 with no solid date as of yet for Australia. Even though this is a more friendly based Batman game past LEGO games have proved popular and this is no exception, it will be one for the fans and for the gamers.

Now enter the newly announced Batman: Arkham Asylum which is starting to cause a buzz amongst Batman fans. Being developed by Rocksteady Studios this new Batman game is set in Arkham Asylum home of Gothams most notorious villains. Eidos holds the license to the Batman Comic Universe so you will see almost every single Batman Villain to be created included in this game in some form or another.

Sporting a 3rd-person camera and built using the Unreal 3 Engine, B: AA is said to represent a darker more evil Batman Universe and has been said to play out like Bioshock with twists and a brand new story and have the dark and gritty feel of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay. There are still some villains that haven’t been announced yet but then the surprise would be ruined. Even though Arkham Asylum is on an island you will not be constrained to certain areas, you have full access to the whole Asylum and do as you please.

Seeing as this is based around the comic version of Batman, this will not be a full fledged stealth game and will include combat action, as the developers feel that stealth make the player weak which we all know Batman is definitely not. One aspect that still remains rumour though is the fact you may be able to play as The Joker, lets hope that turns out to be true.

Of course this is not a tie-in game with the movie so it is not being rushed, so be sure to keep your eyes on this one as it starting to look like the ultimate Batman experience for the fans. B: AA is set for a release for 2009. The latest issue of Game-Informer have a story on B: AA and sport some photos where you can see the Joker and what Arkham Asylum will look like throughout the game.

Rocksteady have launched the website with a collection of images of in game showcasing not only the Joker but also the graphical beauty that is Batman.  Judging by the images B: AA is not only looking good, it also looks to be brutal in terms of the darkness that resides in Arkham.

Last but not least there is the all but rumored Dark Knight tie-in game that is set to be a port of The Dark Knight which was released July 16th in Australia and 17th around the world. There isn’t much known about this game yet as everyone seems to be tight lipped about it.

I wonder why this could be, i mean if things were all good the best option would of been to release the game alongside the release of the movie not only for the cash but to push sales for The Dark Knight even more. I can see that it may not be fully ready yet to be unveiled to the world but any kind of information would be great.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Gary Oldman let slip of a snippet of the game during an interview with G4 TV he states that the way Batman will glide will have a sort of fluid motion to it to make you feel like you’re in the movie it won’t be like a start nor stop thing. Of course all we are running on is his words and also a rumour from awhile back where apparently Pandemic Studios was/is apparently working on this game.

It still seems weird to me that nothing  about this game has been announced yet and my best bet is that the game might coincide with the release of The Dark Knight on DVD/Blu-Ray in sometime December. Hopefully in the coming months we see/hear more about this game, but for now it seems to be greatly overshadowed by Batman: Arkham Asylum.

So with 3 different Batman games that are set for different audiences which Batman game would appeal to you the most? The family friendly LEGO Batman, the darker more gritty evil version of Batman or the movie tie-in Batman game? If anyone is to be concerned i can assure you that we will see a lot more of our caped crusader in the future in all his gaming glory.

Yet we cannot forgot another game that will feature Batman, Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe which will see the caped crusader go up against those of the Mortal Kombat Universe, so it seems that there are 3 fully fledged Batman games along with a nice little cameo of the caped crusader in MK vs DC.

©2008 Arthur Kotsopoulos

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2 thoughts on “Consoles Have Batman Fever:- He’s breaking out everywhere”

  1. And do not forget the PS3 exclusive MMO DC Universe Online. That one is supposed to be very Batman (and Superman) universe heavy.


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