Fallout 3 Reclassified MA15+ in Australia “Huzzah!”

Today the OFLC has revealed that Fallout 3 has been reclassified

for Australian standards to the MA15+ rating.

It is rated MA15 for:  “Strong Violence, Drug Use, and Coarse Language”

Lets hope the alterations to the game are only just for the renaming of official drugs to fictional ones, and nothing more.

Rumor is that even with the earlier banning of the Fallout 3, we might still be recieveing the game around the same time it launches World Wide, so lets hope that us Aussies dont fall too far behind the rest of the gaming community!

What does this mean for us?  It means we have faith in gaming developers that they will try and bring the games we are eagerly waiting for even if our rating system is flawed.  It means that large developers are also pushing for a R18+ rating in Australia, and that can only be a good thing.

Stay Tuned for a full review of Fallout 3 come its release.

FALLOUT 3 Game (Multi Platform)

Classification MA 15+ (Not suitable for people under 15. Under 15s must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian)
Consumer Advice Strong violence, drug references and coarse language
Category Computer Games
Duration variable
Date of Classification 7 August 2008
Production Company NOT SHOWN
Country of Origin USA
File Number T08/2707
Classification Number 4373754E

Read it on your mobile NOW !

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Ben Cad

Ben Cad - Freelance Photographer and Writer. www.bencadphotography.com

2 thoughts on “Fallout 3 Reclassified MA15+ in Australia “Huzzah!””

  1. Well that is great news, but like most of the people with Credit Cards, I’ll order mine from elsewhere never the less.

    It is great to see the game companies going to some lengths to enable everyone to get there games though.

    So you say Collectors from the States then, well thats an order I’ll be placing.


  2. Great news Mate, don’t have to import now, Well, I do, but that’s for the Collectors Edition which I’m not sure will be here . . ? Will check into it. I think the US one is much more detailed and even comes with a clock . . Plus the Lunchbox etc.

    But great news anyhow . . Still, it would be nice to have games “as they were intended”, rather than having them edited in some way to fit a catergory. We do need a R18+ rating for games like this that sit on the fence, and have to have mods done to them in order for them to fall into the lower classification.


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