Too Human Rumour:- Report shows 1 million preorders

Detailed report shows 1 million preorders

Holy cow Batman !


©2008 Aaron Bertinetti:
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Now many of you know I happen to be “Addicted to Too Human” and felt that the demo was particularly polarising unless you gave it some time to adjust your playing habits. So the following rumour has some weight to it given the astronomical figures it shows for preorders and cancellations following the demo’s release. But we still advise a hefty helping of salt.

A mysterious poster over at the forums has posted an excerpt of what he claims is a 300 page report that covers all projected figures for titles shown at E3 ’08 along with other titles due to be released before Q3 2009. He allegedly obtained the report via a GameStop manager and extracts the following from the report regarding Too Human:

“According to sales reports from Gamestop, EB Games, and Microsoft Co., there were an estimated 1.4 million preorders placed in the contiguous U.S. during the one-year period leading up to E3, 2008. After the release of the game’s demo a reported 370,000 additional games were preordered, in addition to 495,000 cancellations.

During the E3 conferences and in the week after, a mere 45,000 preorders were cancelled while 350,000 more were made. There were only a reported 8,000 cancellations during the year prior to the demo’s release.”

The poster then notes:

“The 1.4 million figure listed by the respective companies in this article is not inclusive of reported cancellations.

This means that in total, as of July 31, 2008 852,000 copies of Too Human have been preordered. It is expected that an additional 5% of these will be cancelled and as the release date approaches, Microsoft expects an approximate 200,000 additional preorders to be placed due to increased advertisement that is expected.

Now that’s a hell of a lot of humans hanging for Too Human!

In fact that’s in Halo 3 preorder territory! Even accounting for a vastly larger console base (12million to 20million) and a friendly release date, one has to question the numbers. But perhaps in a sign that the game is firmly for the hardcore dungeon crawlers amongst us, the report notes:

“The post-release figures expected for Too Human are an approximate 400,000 additional copies within the first 6 months of release.”

By these approximations 1,409,400 copies of the game Too Human will have been purchased by Febuary 19th, 2009.”

That means that almost 70% of sales in the first six months are expected in the first few weeks. That seems to confirm a dedicated niche will be happy, but the mainstream will remain aloof. It’s probably also indicative of Too Human’s favourable release window that avoids any major releases in the month of August, compared to blockbuster heavy holiday period from October onwards.

But perhaps most interesting . . .

Is the fact that these are reportedly only North American figures and ignore the European (and Australian) markets, of which the UK is particularly prominent. That means sales could well and truly approach 2 million copies worldwide within six months. One would at least think that a game centred around Norse mythology might appeal far more to continental Europeans than an American space marine saving mankind!

Either way, this should come as some positive rumour-mongering news for all those Too Human fans hoping for a quickly turned around trilogy and those hanging on the promise of an Eternal Darkness 2. The better the commercial reception on Too Human, the higher the chances of our wishes coming true.

On a side note . . .

The poster also revealed the report’s top ten projected sellers for Q3 2008-Q3 2009. Unsurprisingly Gears of War 2 as the biggest release of the year tops the list, but there are certainly a couple of surprises listed below.

“According to the report the top ten projected sellers for Q3 2008-Q3 2009 are:

1: Gears of War 2
2: Fallout 3
3: Halo Wars
4: Fable 2
5: Rockband 2
6: Soul Calibur IV
7: Star Wars: TFU
8: Battlefield: Bad Company
9: Guitar Hero WT
10: Soul Calibur IV

24: Too Human”

Let us know what you think about this rumour and if you’re Addicted or not!

Too Human is released on August 19 in North America, August 21 in Australia, and August 29 in Europe.

©2008 Aaron Bertinetti:

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6 thoughts on “Too Human Rumour:- Report shows 1 million preorders”

  1. im a gamer of rare storylines and a game that combine norse god in the modern times with, “matrix attacking machines” add true unique story line. though about gameplay it foucs more on co-op play (which is fine and all but no great experinces involving with the player themselve, something like splinter cell chaos theory co-op.) the co-op should have the players work together as if they depend on each other to survive. the single player is really quite interesting in both gameplay and story line.
    it sort of reminds me of advent rising. exept replace the whole “wipe out all humans” to the “harvest all humans “


  2. Too Human is not “absolute” shit Oliver. You are.

    This game has its ups and downs. End of story.


  3. That’s great news, although a little hard to believe. I was hoping for… idk… maybe 500K when sales peaked. However…. 1.5mil for the US alone?!? Not to mention it’ll probably do well in Europe and have at least some success in Australia.

    As for avoiding big titles…. I’d say MS was pretty smart to release it now, but it is wedged inbetween Madden 09, and Tales of Vesperia.

    I really hope SK pulls their dream off, I rarely preorder games, but this one… I just had to.


  4. Have you ever considered that unlike Too Human, taste is not exclusive?

    It’s just like books, films and music. One man’s Mozart is another man’s Jay Z… etc


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