Too Human Demo: All Classes Unlocked!

Too Human Demo: All Classes Unlocked !

I was uncertain at first . . . but now, it’s grown on me.


©2008 Aaron Bertinetti

Okay so I’m in the camp that was not sure about the game when I started playing. But after replaying it and getting used to its controls and camera, I’ve spent several hours loving it… particularly since I learnt to unlock ALL THE CLASSES in the demo.


“What the heck . . . ALL CLASSES ?”

Well I was immensely disappointed when I initially loaded the demo that I couldn’t play as all the classes… But armed with the knowledge that Silicon Knights has a penchant for hiding secrets a plenty in their titles, along with Denis Dyack dropping heavy hints over at Gamespot, I decided to hit Google to see what I was missing…

And what I found was Dimascus, not a holy land, but a nonetheless holy Xbox Live member over at GameFAQs who’s brought me and many others Too Human salvation. Dimascus revealed that the cheeky buggers at Silicon Knights had inserted an Easter Egg to unlock ALL CLASSES in the demo!

In what appears to be a very clever and decidedly old school marketing tool, the classes are on a time release. For example, the artillery heavy Commando will unlock on 12/8/08 whilst the speedy, combo-holic Berserker will unlock on 25/7/08. And whilst we don’t know the dates of release for the other classes, it doesn’t matter thanks to Dimascus working out how to unlock all classes right now and in less than five minutes!

We’ve placed Dimascus’ instructional video at the bottom of the page which has a slightly modified method, but if you’d prefer a layman’s guide in the most straightforward of ten steps, look right below!

1. Disconnect from Xbox Live.
2. In the Dashboard go to the “System” blade, and then enter “Console Settings”, followed by “Clock”.
3. Enter “Date and Time” and change the year from 2008 to 2009.
4. Return to the Dashboard.
5. Go to the “Games” blade, enter the “Games Library” and launch the Too Human demo.
6. Begin the demo and enter the Class Selection screen. You will notice you have automatically unlocked the Berserker and Commando classes by simply moving the date forward on your console.
7. BUT the Defender and Bioengineer remain locked…
8. To play as the Defender or Bioengineer you need to first move the screen to the desired class which is locked.
9. Then simultaneously flick the left thumbstick right and press A, to play the demo as a Defender or Bioengineer.
10. Enjoy and find a class to love in Too Human.

“`We’d also suggest you check out Prima Guides for an excellent demo guide that focuses on the deceptively deep combat along with loot options, crafting and some other demo secrets.


Too Human is a game to be digested rather than taste tested for the briefest of tastes…

“`You could drink the glass and complain about some sediment or you could drink the bottle and marvel at its full bodied flavour. We firmly recommend the “bottle approach”, which in this case means 3-4 playthroughs before you make your mind up.

There’s no doubt it’s different, but it’s also one of the most refreshing, addictive and deeper games we’ve ever had the privilege to play on consoles. And as much as the marketing strategy has created a buzz amongst some gamers, we’d hate to think that such an unusual marketing strategy would prevent others from discovering Too Human’s charm.

As Australian gamer and forum regular Knight Carver put to us:

“I have too many other games to play, so i’m not going to worry about trying to unlock classes in a demo. Just seems really silly to me! If you want to sell your game I’d expect the developers to have all their cards on the table.

I understand the reasons…and yes they have created word of mouth. But they have not generated enough interest for me to go ahead and try to unlock these other classes. Easter Eggs are all well and good, but I still don’t think this was the place to implement the idea. I guess it’s a trade off. Generate a buzz by having people find how to unlock classes on one hand, but lose potential buyers by not enabling them to play all classes from start up. I’m clearly in the latter and won’t buy the game based on what I’ve seen.

I’ll be deleting the demo this afternoon. I would have done it earlier, but forgot it was there! I guess that speaks volumes as well though. I mean, I played it for 1 hour as the only available option. Had other classes been available I would have played the demo again as each class. So, potentially, if there are 4 other classes, that’s another 4 hours I may have sunk into it. Imagine how many others would have done this as well had they the chance. It could add up to a lot of lost income imho.”

We can only hope that now the Easter Egg marketing is well and truly public that Microsoft and Silicon Knights see that people that are not so inclined to discover these secrets on their own, or are simply unaware, get the chance to try ALL CLASSES before the game’s retail release.

Too Human, and gamers at large, deserve as much!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ed Note: If you want to know more about the story, Norse mythology and the lore of Too Human make sure to check out the best promotional page Microsoft’s ever created. And if you still want more head to for all your Too Human needs and forum discussion. And check out our “Part Two” of the Too Human Series

©2008 Aaron Bertinetti

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9 thoughts on “Too Human Demo: All Classes Unlocked!”

  1. Get real, you can speculate that they lost buyers due to the fact that they took an easter egg approach to their demo; or, you can look at these two blatant facts.

    1.) You are playing a DEMO. You’re not playing the full version. Hell, they don’t even have to release a demo. So be happy you’ve gotten to get a taste before the meal. Saying you’re not going to play a game based on class selection in a demo is like saying you won’t go see a highly anticipated movie because of the music selection for it’s preview. Childish and to be a bit more blatant…retarded.

    2.) Instead of viewing the fact that some aussie got so frustrated after a whole HOUR (yes 60 minutes, unbelievable right?) of gameplay that he gave up; you could look at the fact that in an interview SK said that the masses who did download the demo were so eager to play other classes that their easter eggs were discovered in a day, when they had planned for weeks. It’s obvious that with the exception of some bitter aussies, the general public is eager to get at this game.

    That’s all really, love ya.


  2. such children… any way you look at it knight… i dont see them being so dissappointed that you wont be buying the game. actually i think you will end up buying the game just because you dont think anybody will know. and guess what? NOBODY CARES!!! you are but one man who suposedly wont be buying the game. i dont think they will be losing their minds that YOU wont buy their game.
    Knight Carver today decided to not buy Too Human,
    Silicon Knights now in a Large loss will be selling all rights to handle the LOSS!


  3. lol…well to put it into such a trivial schoolyard example, it’s more a case of, I have so many friends at the moment, that I don’t need to waste my time with someone who can’t be honest about who they are. Better? lol


  4. Ah… fighting words Knight! lol

    Glad we made you feel special. Others expressed similar feelings but nobody as eloquently as yourself.😉


  5. lol…wow I feel so special!

    Kaspario – interesting comment but I don’t need to justify my thoughts or actions. My point is most obviously valid but you can try your hardest to discredit it. I think you need to try harder though!


  6. @Stevie

    Does that method work only immediately after download?


    Whether you agree or not with the sentiments of the gamer, the point remains that the Easter Egg has isolated a potential buyer from a product.

    And now that the Easter Egg has largely done its job we think that the classes should automatically open for all those gamers unaware of such secrets.

    I agree with your sentiments that the game has turned the corner, the only question is how fast it’ll be going upon release.🙂 Although MS is clearly extending the marketing here as well with a staged release of 19 August in the US and 29 August for Europe, Oz and the rest… likely to build further word of mouth.


  7. Seems to me the Australian gamer is so frustrated about I dont know what Silicon Knights (or it’s boss) might have done that he decided to take the 3 year old kid approach to justify it…

    “I’ll be deleting the demo this afternoon. I would have done it earlier, but forgot it was there!”

    Wow! That’s an argument there! Last time I heard one like that, I think it was in the school yard. Something like “I would’ve played with you but you didn’t look at me this morning in class so, never mind… I’ve got plenty of other friends to play with anyway…”

    I’ve got to say I was rather unimpressed with all that was happening with Too Human (the conflict with Epic, the big mouth of Dyack and all the delays for release) but I have to admit that, with this demo and the buzz the game is generating lately, they have my attention again… Don’t know if I’ll buy the game in the end but, for sure, I’ll pay attention when it comes out.


  8. You don’t have to do nearly all that fiddlin’ to unlock the classes. Just do the following:

    Download the demo… disconnect from Xbox Live by removing the Ethernet cable as soon as it is complete… begin playing as the Champion (only class open)… quit the game… restart and BOOM… all classes are open.


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