Welcome to Restart Gaming.

A newly formed Australian website that is aimed at covering all things related to the gaming industry around the world. Whilst our main focus is to provide you with reviews, news and previews of all the latest titles, we will aim to offer our perspective as well as our opinion on various gaming issues.

The current Editor In Chief of Restart Gaming is none other than Arthur Kotsopoulos, who purchased and took over OXCGN in September of 2013. The decision to lay OXCGN to rest and start something new was a personal choice as a fresh start felt needed. OXCGN still exists as a means to access old content but Restart Gaming is the now home to various old writers of that site and some fresh new faces.

It’s seen as more of a written supplementation to other forms of media such as Youtube and Twitch, as written content is still a viable medium.

With regards to the sites look, it uses the same Premium WordPress theme as OXCGN since it worked so well for placed banners, ads and more. The site header was made by Marco a young artist who loves to make overlays and graphics for various Twitch streamers and Youtube content creators. We had asked him to come up with something for the header and he provided an awesome image. We took that and altered it slightly but would not have it look as amazing as it does without his help.

As we move forward this page will be updated accordingly as we reflect over the passing months.


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